If you’re looking for a useful software that can deliver and provide you features the same as that of Microsoft Office, then look no further for LibreOffice download is available for free. This software is open source which means anyone can use it without limitations. The LibreOffice is composed of different programs that are quite handy such as the following; word processing program, slideshows, spreadsheet program, diagrams, and a lot more.

LibreOffice is available in 30 different languages enabling anyone around the world to use and enjoy it; you don’t even have to worry about copyright infringement. It comes in Arabic language, Chinese, English, Korean and other commonly used languages around the globe. This software supports a lot of file formats and some of which are Microsoft binary formats, Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, RTF and dozens more. Aside from its diverse format support, LibreOffice is also a cross platform software allowing Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS users to take advantage of its impressive features.

How to download LibreOffice is easy, you don’t have to de-install anything once you have already installed your desired version in your computer. Simply save the installer, browse it on wherever you placed it and just double click it; you will then be prompted with a dialog box informing you that your installation will be started. You can download LibreOffice for Windows and same goes for Mac. LibreOffice is capable of giving you all the needed applications to help you with your office works and day to day job therefore download LibreOffice now and enjoy the following applications:

Calculator – The Calc application is a spreadsheet program that is closely similar to the look and feel of Microsoft Excel. With the use of Calc you are able to weigh your alternatives and create your statistical analysis easily with the use of graphs. Graphing capacity is enhanced with the use of lines, bars, areas and above all, you will be able to display you presentations in 2D or 3D graphics.

Writer – Writer functions just like a word processor, it can be used if you feel like writing a letter, a document, and any word contents. It even comes with handy features like the auto-completion, auto spell checker, and formatting. What more could you ask for? This application can simply be used if you want to do some publishing tasks.

Draw – This application is considered to be a vector graphics editor which is closely similar to that of a Microsoft Visio. With the use of Draw, you can now build your own diagrams and sketches. For some, this app functions like a CorelDraw where you can create 3D illustrations and to make it more professional looking, you can add some special effects too.

Math – This app is said to be an equation editor that is capable of performing different math formulae. To make this app more impressive, you can have your own chemical equation, scientific, electrical and mathematical equations using this app.

Base – If you want to start integrating your database, build your own interface to use, this app is just perfect for it is a database management program.

Impress – Have you been using the PowerPoint? If so, then I’m sure you will also find the Impress a handy application. You can start creating your own presentations using this application. If you prefer your files to be viewed in other computers, you can simply export your files in SWF format.

In addition, LibreOffice comes with templates too. This is to ensure that you can create and finish your work as fast as you can. The templates provided can be useful especially if you are working on repetitive tasks. All you have to do is browse the different available templates and choose the one you think you’ll need. Work is done fast by simply filling in the blanks with the help of the templates provided.

One of the most important aspects of LibreOffice is its portability. This software features the so called “LibreOffice Portable” which makes the use of this app easy and portable. This software can be stored in a USB, a local drive or on your cloud storage and simply open it if you need to use it, therefore download free LibreOffice for it is currently one of the best software’s out there.