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LibreOffice is an open source office suite that comes with an enhanced Windows installer and a little reliance on Java. This program uses an ODF or OpenDocumentFormat which is composed of programs where one can do spreadsheets, diagrams, and some slideshows, create math formulae and word processing. This program was intentionally designed to fit any office suites most specially the Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is for free and comes with significant features one will find useful and some of which are as follows.

  • Compatible to Several Platforms – This program is not only available in 30 different languages around the globe but also to many computing platforms and some of which are the Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Includes Multiple Applications – LibreOffice is packed with a lot of applications which are very useful such as the Writer app which is a word processor just like MS Word, the Calc app which is a spreadsheet program, the Impress app which is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, the Draw app which is comparable to Microsoft Visio, the Math app which is perfect for mathematical formulae and Base applications which is similar to Microsoft Access.

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  • Supports Dozens of File Format – This program supports a lot of file format such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office 2007, JPEG, Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, MacWrite Pro and a lot more which makes it easy to save and load many types of documents.
  • Free of Charge – This program is open source which means it is for free. It offers good security and the opportunity to customize and improve it according to the users’ preference.
  • Remote Control App – If you are using an Android phone, LibreOffice comes with a remote control application that allows user to do presentations and control it with the use of an Android Phone. This feature is for Linux users and soon for Windows and Mac OS X.


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